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Welcome to The Movement Dance Experience

Mandy Saul has dedicated her life to dance since the age of 3. Through studying Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Pointe, and Cheerleading, Mandy built a solid foundation for which to adventure on her dance career. In 2009, Mandy attended UNLV as a Dance Major and in 2013 she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Production and Management. It was there that she learned the ins-and-outs of show business; choreography, costume design, lighting design, set design, stage management, business for dance, video design, sound design and more. Mandy never ceases to create a jaw-dropping production from start to finish. 

Mandy Saul
Owner/Artistic Director

Seth Saul has forever been invested in music and stage productions. As a young musician, Seth would play drums and guitar with his father and older brother at home. Seth was a valuable asset to the horns section of his award-winning marching band that traveled all over the United States to compete and perform. He continued to play and perform music after high school with local bands and performers. Seth’s passions include woodworking and set design, which he applies daily to the success of our studio. He has the perfect ear for music. Seth can find the one song our teachers are dreaming of for their piece by a mere description of the emotion and musicality they are looking for. He is our musical magician!

Seth Saul
Owner/Studio Manager

We met in 2016 while attending a performance. Our passion and enthusiasm for the arts instantly connected. Deciding to collaborate our talents to start a business was the best decision we have ever made as a team. Every day at The Movement is full of dancing, music, artistry, creativity, respect, inspiration, laughter, friendship….and of course FUN! We founded our studio in April of 2017. Our purpose was to create a space where students can be encouraged to honor and contribute to the dance artform.  


In our time in Las Vegas, we had yet to find an artistic environment that fosters long lasting relationships through synchronicity of respect, motivated by those around them to create competition within themselves rather than others, and focused on what one can give back to the artform of dance. At The Movement Dance Experience, we insist that every guest that enters our doors holds themselves to a high standard of respect for others and movement. We instill confidence in our dancers to beat their best with every day that passes in class, and to not compare themselves to anything but their performance the day prior. While competition has its own place and time, dance thrives when vulnerable people create new work and energy to give to the artform. 


Our efforts to make change in the dance community have exceeded our expectations with each passing year. We have touched so many lives, young and old, and we look forward to many more years of joy through the art of dance. 

See Mandy in action and experience her passion for dance and her excellence in choreography.

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