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"Forget your troubles and dance." - Bob Marley

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The Movement Dance Experience, also known as The Movement and TMDE, was founded by Seth and Mandy Saul in April 2017 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We want to give all dancers the total experience: professional dance instruction, personalized attention, creative encouragement, outstanding performance opportunities, philanthropic activities, and trustworthy relationships.


Our mission is to excite, inspire and lead our students with artistry and style. We want to ignite their inner talent and motivate them to shape and share a lifetime love for movement and art. 


TMDE offers comprehensive and quality service with top-notch instruction by hand-picked faculty trained by Mandy Saul. Our innovative and one-of-a-kind curriculum is created by our Director and cannot be replicated anywhere else. Because of her experience and personalized lesson plans, you will not find our teaching methods at any other studio. The curriculum at our studio is a breathing, morphing, and growing plan that adapts to the transformation that occurs within the structure of our facility and within in our dancers.


We are inspiring our students to adventure their passion while guiding the message of dance back to artistry, and influencing everyone who we interact with through the power of creative movement. At The Movement, we share a vision of harmony in the arts. We teach our students to respect and support each other, and grow together through our shared enthusiasm to create. 

We make great people who happen to become great dancers. Our core values make our students RICHER: responsibility, integrity, civility, humility, ethicality, and respect.


Whether you’re chasing your dreams of becoming a professional dancer or simply want to express yourself through movement and have fun while doing it, The Movement will provide you with the safe space to explore your passion freely, and give you an experience you’ll never forget. We'll be there with you from your first recital through your high school graduation, and beyond. 

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