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Mandy Saul - Owner/Artistic Director

"I have loved dance for so long, that I can’t remember my life without it! Founding The Movement Dance Experience is a dream come true. I am so thankful and passionate for my dance family, and my heart grows with each new member."

-Mandy Saul, Owner


Mandy was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She first discovered the magic of dance at the age of 3 in her daycare Ballet class. Her parents say she hasn't stopped moving since then! Mandy's mom enrolled her in Ballet and Tap at the Helene Gregory Talent Center at the age of 4. Even at this young age, Mandy connected with dance and became fascinated with movement.  When Helene retired and closed her studio, Mandy couldn't just stop dancing. Mandy went on to new classrooms, training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop. Along the way Mandy also found success in cheerleading. In the 8th grade she made the cheerleading squad at Cram Middle School and from then on, she became a die-hard cheerleader. Her freshman year, Mandy joined the Junior Varsity team at Mojave High School and began tumbling lessons at Go For It USA and Cheer Xcel. She transferred to Legacy High School, a brand new campus, and was a member of the very first Varsity Cheerleading Team her sophomore year. Mandy was selected as the team's Captain her senior year.

Mandy found an interest in theater during her junior year of high school. She never thought she would try acting or singing but she was cast in multiple stage plays and musical theatre productions. Despite juggling all of her extracurricular activities, Mandy always found time to dance. She went on to study dance at The University of Nevada Las Vegas, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Production and Management.  Her astounding college experience is what shaped her as an artist today. She can create and produce shows from the idea-stage to Grand Curtain; from costume creation, to choreography, to designing and building a set, researching and designing musical compositions, filming and editing dance film and video productions, constructing stage lighting, and directing an entire production.


Mandy has immense experience both as a performer and a choreographer in numerous dance styles. She has trained dancers of all ages in the Las Vegas Valley since 2011. As a Dance Educator, she focuses on engaging students to create positive energy in class in a laid back, yet exciting atmosphere to help boost their self esteem in performance. She provides the tools to success in technique, while making dance a fun and memorable experience. Mandy strongly believes in the importance of flexibility, strength training, and a healthy, happy lifestyle to achieve the most rewarding outcome of dance education. Since each student has a unique learning style, she tailors her instruction to each individual. Mandy LOVES to share her love for dance.

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