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Testimonial Tuesday

We are so grateful for every family who walks through the door of our studio. With the permission of our studio parents, we want to share testimonials we receive every other Tuesday.

I just wanted to let you know (though I'm sure you're already aware) that Ms. Michelle is doing an amazing job with the littles in the Creative Movement class on Friday mornings! She is so patient, sweet, and calm despite all the toddler chaos that abounds. Ruby doesn't have any siblings and hasn't learned to take turns or share, so she frequently takes things from others and runs around. I appreciate how Ms. Michelle redirects her while simultaneously reassuring other kids to appease both parties. I'm grateful not only for the dance moves Ruby is learning (which she LOVES to practice at home between classes), but also the social skills and additional relationships she's becoming involved with. So, please pass along my thanks and we'll see you all next week! :) -Kristi Bonfils

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