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Body Positivity and Color Inclusion in Dance

By: Mrs. Mandy & Mrs. Brandy

Throughout history, dance has had a reputation of accepting only the slender, most delicate of humans. It was also thought to revolve around the European or Russian demographic. Because of this history, students and teachers alike have sometimes felt inadequate, feeling like they did not have a place in the dance world, and, possibly, they wouldn’t stand a chance in the competitive realm of performance in dance. Dancers everywhere may have all heard at one point or another: “You dance so beautifully, but...”, “You have wonderful technique, but...”, or “I know you love it, but...” and that BUT becomes hard to swallow when it’s followed by an attack on one’s physicality, genetic disposition, or appearance.

This simply isn’t the case in the modern-day dance world. The atmosphere has morphed to accept aspiring dancers of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, gender, and more. Audiences are now thrilled to witness the beauty of diversity on stage, and the art of dance has benefited from this change immensely. Many more inspiring dancers have had the opportunity to touch our hearts and move our souls with their passion for movement because of the inclusivity we see growing within the dance community.

At The Movement Dance Experience in Las Vegas, NV, we accept and lift-up dancers of any age, size, color, and religion who simply share the desire for freedom in movement. We make an intentional choice to accept and champion color inclusivity and body positivity in our program, and we refuse to permit body shaming and negativity in our studio. We create a dependable and hospitable experience for any and all humans who want to explore their emotions through dance. Our dancers range from ages 18 months to 18 years of age and up, and each dancer is unique in their own way with varying colors, heights, sizes, and ambitions. Fostering this environment is a necessity to give children, young and old alike, a safe place to express their emotions and enrich their self-esteem.

At our studio, we offer dancers of all skin tones the option to wear tights and shoes that blend with their natural color. We are so lucky to work alongside a uniform company that offers sizes for every body. This gives each dancer the comfort to be who they are, love who they are, and show off who they are. We teach our dancers that different bodies are what makes dance exciting. Dance is the art of the body, and no single body is created the same. We want them to love and have positive feelings about the dancewear they put on their bodies, whether it be a leotard, tights, shoes, or any other item, and to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. All bodies, shapes, and shades are celebrated and at The Movement. We make sure our dancers understand the importance of their uniqueness and own who they are.

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