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Tuesday Tips: Quick Energy Bite for Dancers

By Mrs. Brandy

Getting quick bites of healthy energy sources is important in our dancer's busy lives. They go from school to dance to homework to picking up siblings from their extracurriculars to bed. Below is a cute, fun recipe for a Superhero Smoothie from My Fussy Eater!

Green Smoothie:

1 Frozen Banana

2 Handfuls of Baby Spinach

1/2 C Almond, Coconut, or Soy Milk

1 tsp Maple Syrup or Agave

Red Smoothie:

1 Frozen Banana

8 Frozen Strawberries

1/2 C Almond, Coconut, or Soy Milk

Flaked Almond or Coconut for Decor

  1. Start with the green smoothie! Blend the banana, spinach, milk, and syrup together. Transfer to jar and rinse blender.

  2. Make the red smoothie next! Blend the banana, strawberries, and milk. Pour on top of the green. Top with your chosen decor!

This recipe serves 2! There are 171 calories per serving. You have the satisfaction of hiding your dancer's fruits and veggies in a delicious themed smoothie.

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